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Spring 2021 News

MARCH 10, 2020


The past year has been a difficult year for everyone in the world. SMBC has also endured a hard year. Despite the hardships, SMBC has been blessed by God and the church. We cannot say thank you enough to our partners for helping us over the past year by praying and contributing financially. A few weeks ago, we faced another setback. SMBC experienced a significant amount of damage due to an ice-storm. Nearly every tree on the property had damage. As you might expect, there is a lot of clean-up to do. There will be a time for work-days and volunteer labor. Unfortunately, now is not that time. With the amount of damage, professional tree services will begin working on site to clean up and repair some major damage. Any gifts would be incredibly helpful as we prepare for this summer.

With that said, we are positioned to tackle this set-back as well. We are excited to announce that at the most recent Board of Directors meeting it was unanimously decided to open SMBC for all summer camps in the 2021 season! Each week will have much latitude to decide any precautions they feel are necessary. There will only be slight directions given by the BOD at SMBC that will be required of every week. Please share that we will be open every week, all week, all summer! Registration will begin soon.

We look forward to seeing you on the mountain!


SMBC Staff


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