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These are some answers to common questions about Short Mountain Bible Camp.  If you need other information don't hesitate to contact us.


What do you need to bring to camp?

1. A Bible

2. A Notebook and Pen

3. Sleeping Bag or Bedding for a Twin Bed (don't forget your pillow!)

4. Towels (write your name on them)

5. Toiletries (toothpaste, soap, shampoo, deodorant, etc)

6. A swimsuit and cover-up outfit for walking to the pool

7. Flashlight

8. Modest Clothing (check with your local director for more information)

9. A camera if you want to capture the memories

10. Jackets/Rain Clothing just in case

11. Extra Shoes in case one gets wet. Flip Flops can be used for showering but do not need to be worn around camp.

12. A bag for your dirty clothes

13. Money for a canteen card

*The Board of Directors approved changes to policy manual and dress code. Download latest policy manual for more information.



Lindsey Judd

Vice President:  

Mark Williams

Treasurer/Secretary:  Jonathan Burns

Executive Board Member: Tim Knox

Executive Board Member: Mike Corley

Board of Directors:

Bill Burns

Matt Collins

Don Foy

Tim Gentry

Ralph Gilmore

Steve Lynn

Danny Seals

Steven Smith

Staff Representatives/Board Members:

Jerry Nash

John Nichols

Policy Manual for SMBC

Click to download the Board approved Policy Manual for use of the camp.

Ministries: Service
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