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Summer 2018 Update

JULY 8, 2018


What a summer so far! It’s hard to believe that much of the summer season is already over. We have had a great summer on the mountain! It’s truly been overwhelming to share in excitement with so many people about the improvements made to the camp facility. So far this year we have accomplished the following:

1. Blackhawk and Walnut have both been refitted with new tile floors in the bathroom facility. We have also made these rooms as water tight as possible to try to avoid any future damage.

2. The Boy’s and Girl’s bathhouse facilities were completely renovated.

3. The gym was painted.

4. The Mess Hall received an exterior remodel.

5. New metal and gutters went up throughout camp.

6. A new fence replaced the metal fence from the volleyball court into Boy’s village.

While we have accomplished a lot this year, we still have a lot to do. The master plan that has been approved by the Board of Directors includes a new public restroom facility across from the Worship Pavilion. We also plan to address the area below the craft house where the old deck was. We plan to give Bald Eagle a makeover as well. These plans are just for the rest of this year!

If you would like to help, we would ask you to consider the following:

1. Pray for SMBC.

2. Contribute monthly to SMBC (contact info is at top of this page.)

3. Attend one of our upcoming Fall Fundraising events in Manchester and/or, Cookeville.

If you are a current contributor: Thank You! We couldn’t do it without your support.

We wish God’s blessing on your summer. Thank you for your continued support. Please continue to pray for us! We are praying for you!


SMBC Staff

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